Ulriken to Fløyen – Vidden Trail


After planning a last minute getaway to Bergen, I quickly narrowed in on the one thing I NEEDED to do while there – hike the Vidden Trail from Mt. Ulriken to Mt. Fløyen.

Norway is known for its natural beauty, and while I was excited to spend a few days enjoying the “Gateway to the Fjords,” once I read about this hike I really didn’t care if it was the only thing we accomplished during our visit. We picked the day with the nicest looking weather and set it aside for the hike. I think my travel companions would agree, it ended up being the highlight of the trip.

We chose to start at Mt. Ulriken since the Airbnb we were renting was less than a block from the base of the Fløibanen. That way when we were done, we were basically at our doorstep. It was a quick bus ride to the Ulriken643 cable car. Depending on how ambitious you’re feeling, you can hike up Ulriken. Not totally knowing what we were in for, we took the cable car to the top. If you’re short on time or not an experienced hiker, this would be my recommendation.




On the cable car, we met a couple and their two dogs who were heading to one of the many cabins situated in the mountains. We passed several, and I haven’t looked into it since our visit, but spending the night in one of them would be a great way to turn this into a two-day hike.



Even with high expectations, I found myself gasping around every corner, as each hill we reached the top of seemed to offer more beautiful views than the last. Visiting in October, the rocky ground we were walking over was accented by brilliant, fiery autumn grasses that stood out against the overcast sky.





The terrain is flat-ish and rocky, with some larger ups and downs at certain points, but not overly strenuous. It should be noted, we had AMAZING weather during our trip. We were prepared for rain, and it only started sprinkling when we finally reached the Fløyen overlook. While we would have attempted it in worse weather, be advised that it is likely quite slippery in wetter conditions. Appropriate footwear and rain gear is a must.

While I absolutely, 100% recommend this hike as something you should do if you have a free day in Bergen, please keep in mind that you should be in decent shape to attempt it. The trail is just over 8 miles. We are a fairly outdoorsy group, and spent about six hours on this hike. Granted we were constantly stopping to take in the scenery, but be prepared to spend the better part of a day on this adventure (unless of course you’re an athlete – there were a number of people seemingly just out for a run who passed us by during our hike). Dress appropriately and bring snacks and plenty of water. Beyond that, settle in for a day on your feet and be prepared to hear this phrase come out of your mouth every 5 minutes: “Guys, LOOK at how pretty this is. We are SO lucky!”

*If you’re not feeling up to the full hike, there are plenty of paths atop Fløyen you can hike that still offer lovely views:

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Hiking the Vidden Trail from Mt Ulriken to Mt Floyen!

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  1. Amy Broadbent says:

    Lots of great information, tips and photos. Makes me want to go to Norway and try the hike!

  2. rick lewis says:

    emily!!!you are a wonderful travel writer!- consider it! papa rick

    1. Emily says:

      Thanks! It’s certainly fun to share our adventures

  3. Christina McKean says:

    Couldn’t agree more with Papa Rick! When can we go?!

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