A short camping trip Down East

If there’s one part of Maine that’s really stolen my heart, it’s Washington County. The dramatic coastline, rocky beaches, and quirky natural features (the easternmost point in the US, Pembroke’s Reversing Falls, and the bogs we discovered on this trip) make each visit full of discoveries.

This summer, we had our first Hipcamp experience while looking for an alternative to Cobscook Bay State Park (which is absolutely worth a visit!). We ended up just down the road at a private property that has been opened up for campers. We ended up at one of the more private sites overlooking the water, which served as a lovely and peaceful home base for the weekend.

If you’re looking for a longer, breathtaking hike in this area, the Cutler Coast Trail is well-loved for good reason. It’s so popular, in fact, that we opted for something a little less crowded on this trip and ended up at Boot Head Preserve in Lubec. We were treated to equally stunning coastal views and one of the beautiful rocky beaches this part of Maine is known for.

I was wowed by the bogs we encountered, both at Boot Head Preserve and later on along the trails at Quoddy Head State Park. Their vast expanse and unique flora make you feel like you’ve stepped off a forest path into a different world.

We also had time to drive up to Eastport for lunch and some local shopping while we were in the area.

The weekend was more exhausting for some of us than others, and I couldn’t wrap this up without including a collage of Copper asleep on his feet. As much as we wear him out, he refuses to relax until we’re all settled in the tent together – no matter how sleepy he is.

Need more inspiration for exploring Down East? There are plenty of options for outdoor adventures!

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  1. emolly says:

    Thank you for sharing your adventures and beautiful pictures with us!

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