San Francisco

Sometimes you spend weeks plotting and planning the perfect vacation destination, or you have an event to attend and you make a trip out of it, or there’s somewhere you’ve been dying to go and your plans are finally working out. Other times you have airline miles that are about to expire due to a…

Valentines Day in the White Mountains

For the past few years, Valentine’s Day has fallen on President’s Day weekend, making it the perfect excuse for those of us with a work holiday that Monday to take a long weekend. Two years ago, we took a ski trip with a group of close friends and decided to recreate that getaway this year.

Camping through Central New York

While we spend a lot of time taking weekend trips, full-fledged, week long vacations usually only happen once a year. To make the most of these trips, they’re often road trips that allow us to visit several places during one vacation. This year’s trip was a drive to Toronto – our end destination, with plenty…

Mount Blue State Park, Tumbledown Mountain

Weld, Maine is the one place I’ve visited every summer since moving to the state five years ago. Head north from Portland through Peru, Dixfield, and a series of other small towns and eventually you’ll wind up at Mount Blue State Park.

Hastings Campground – Bethel, Maine

It’s been nearly two years since the post that launched this blog, and while there’s not much to show for it here, the commitment to the cause hasn’t wavered! The past two years have been full of adventure – snowy trips to Canada, hiking Maine’s many mountains, driving up the California coast. Perhaps the biggest…