Hastings Campground – Bethel, Maine


It’s been nearly two years since the post that launched this blog, and while there’s not much to show for it here, the commitment to the cause hasn’t wavered!

The past two years have been full of adventure – snowy trips to Canada, hiking Maine’s many mountains, driving up the California coast. Perhaps the biggest adventure came last year when I committed myself to Maine (for a while, at least) by purchasing a home here. The past several months have been one learning experience after the next, from replacing light fixtures to becoming a landlord.

As someone who – admittedly – doesn’t deal well with stress, weekend getaways have been more vital than ever to unwind and enrich our lives.Last Friday, after a week that felt like it had gone on forever, I needed nothing more than to get away, and after some quick planning on Dan’s part, we were in the car and on our way.

We ended up in the White Mountains, on the border of Maine and New Hampshire, at Hastings Campground. We were ill prepared for the last minute adventure, and the woman who made us sandwiches at Stowe General Store suggested Basin Pond or Cold River Campgrounds might be our best bet, but we drove on through the winding, narrow road and secured one of the only remaining spots at Hastings – tucked cozily into a site surrounded by raspberry bushes, with just enough trees between us and the road that we could barely see the few cars that passed by that night.

The following morning, we had leftover sandwiches for breakfast, packed up our tent, and made our way to Brickett Place, an historic farmstead and the starting point for several area hiking trails. We took the easy Bickford Slides Loop, a short scenic trail that led us up the falls, revealing small swimming pools along the way.


With impending thundershowers fast approaching, we hit the road with enough clear sky to make a lunch pitstop at Ebenezer’s, one of the most famous beer bars in the world, located on a road you just might miss in Lovell, Maine.

We spent the afternoon sipping rare brews, while the accommodating staff kept Copper well hydrated, and made our way back to South Portland feeling refreshed, and with another full day off to enjoy before starting the week.

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