Great Pond Trails

Maine has been freezing lately. (Yes, I know it’s Maine. And yes, I know it’s January.) But it’s been freezing in the sense that we had a beautiful white Christmas and then things immediately dropped to the point where no one wanted to be outside for any longer than it takes to run from the house to the car, and even then sometimes just not leaving the house seems like a way easier option.

Of everyone who’s been avoiding the cold, the one who’s most affected by it in our house is the dog. And really, can you blame him? He’s just a little guy, and the way he runs to the yard, pees, and then pathetically just sits there holding his front paws up from the cold is heartbreaking. Needless to say, walks have pretty much been out of the question. He simply refuses to stay outside, and when he does he won’t leave the yard.

So when last weekend finally brought temperatures above 20 degrees, we made the most of the tolerable weather with an excursion to the Great Pond Trail in Cape Elizabeth. This time of year, park at the Kettle Cove Creamery and cross the street to access the trail. It may seem like you’re entering someone’s back yard, but the trail head is right before the last driveway on the street.

Friends brought ice skates and while they tested out the ice, the less adventurous (or in my case, coordinated) of us continued along the trail. It’s not a long trail, winding on boardwalks over the marshier areas and through the woods, but it was just enough to keep us warm as the wind picked up near the water. We made our way to the boat launch / beach area where all the other skaters were taking advantage of a sunnier spot of the pond.

Despite the sun and double digit temps, after an hour or so of playing outside we were ready to call it quits and surprised by how cold our fingers were when we made it back indoors. Lucky for winter adventurers to this particular trail, C Salt Gourmet Market is a quick drive up the street, serving plenty of hot drinks and sweet treats to warm up with.

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