“Yes, I am overdoing it. My ideas are extravagant. That’s how I am. But, unlike other people, I try to make my extravagant ideas come true. Believe me, there’s nothing more beautiful in the world than a grand dream that’s been turned into reality. I wish my life was just one single extravagant dream.”

Milan Kundera, The Farewell Waltz

Hi, I’m Emily. I’m pushing ten years in my relationship with Maine. I like to think that makes me officially a Mainah, but that depends on who you ask. I’ve been lucky to go on some great adventures in my life, and fortunate to have Maine as my playground for the past several years.

I’ve encountered very different mindsets when it comes to travel – those who do it, those who don’t, and those who want to but just don’t know how to make it happen. Anyone can travel. If I can accomplish one thing with my writing here, I hope I can make that clear. You can do it to!

This isn’t a quit your life and hit the road travel blog. I admire the people who travel long term, but when you get down to it I’m kind of a homebody. I spend summers in my garden, I get psyched about home improvement projects, and high on my list of favorite activities is snuggling up with my dog on the couch.

I’ve been lucky to work jobs over the years where I’ve had a flexible enough schedule to take time to travel. I make the most of long weekends and vacation days, and prep for time off from work by making up for it before or after a trip.

I don’t have a surplus of disposable income, and I don’t have loads of free time. But hey, those aren’t excuses to not get out and see the world. Yes, time and money make traveling easier, but I’m not talking weeks long excursions here. I’m all about weekend trips. Trips where your cost is a tank of gas and some half decent camping equipment. Trips where maybe you cut out of work early on a Friday in summer and you don’t stop exploring until Sunday night. Trips that let you make the most of your own backyard. And when you can, hop on a plane and explore somewhere new.

Take trips but, more importantly, take time to do the things you love. Life should be full of adventure, and these are mine – big and small.

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  1. Bruce Beck says:

    Hello! My wife and I will be vacationing in Portland the second week , and we would love to find out the places to go that the locals know. We enjoy the craft beer scene, along with coffee houses and local restaurants. Would you point us in the right direction?

    1. Emily says:

      You’re certainly heading to the right place! You’ll find plenty to eat and drink while you’re here. My boyfriend roasts coffee for Speckled Ax and I have a long history with Coffee By Design, so I’m partial to those two for coffee, although there are lots of great options in the area. If you head to the East Bayside neighborhood, you can hit one of the CBD locations, plus Tandem Coffee Roasters, Bunker Brewing, and Rising Tide Brewery. Oxbow is also nearby (tucked behind another CBD) and great beer/space. Liquid Riot is awesome – they are a brewery/distillery/restaurant all in one. And Novare Res is a must-visit if you’re into beer, and Little Tap House has lots of the locals. If you’re looking to bring local brews home, Bier Celler is great.

      You could spend days eating your way around the area. Sur Lie is great for a nice meal. Dutch’s has fantastic grab and go breakfast and lunch. Pai Men Miyake for delicious noodles and sushi. Salvage has terrific barbecue. Portland Food Map is a great resource for weekly happenings. Hope this helps!

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